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My hope is that the emotions I feel in the creation of each piece will come through to those who view my art and that something in a particular painting will speak to each viewer on a very personal level.


I have been interested in painting as long as I can remember. I have a strong passion to paint animals; I can see their innocence and personality. My ability to see the compassion and understanding in their eyes allows me to paint beautiful, lifelike portraits and works of art. Each pet or animal I paint is in a style that gives them a “voice” that otherwise can’t be heard. Achieving the “voice” is what adds another dimension to their presence on the canvas. Ask any artist and they will say that the eyes are what gives a subject its soul. I agree but also feel that the composition of the subject, their expression, and surrounding all play a role in achieving their “voice”.


Finding that “voice “and utilizing my talent started in a very unique way. My artistic desire was ignited the day I saw the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”. I decided I wanted to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. This was the first movie that showed me makeup had no boundaries and I promised myself that one day I would see my name on the big screen. I set out to make that happen.

I graduated from the University of Florida where I studied Theatrical Production including Costume Design and Set Design. I was the first student to study Special Effects Makeup for theater and also became a Wig Master for all University of Florida theatrical productions.


Cynthia and Bella

I followed my strong desire to learn more about special effect makeup so after graduation, I moved to California. There enrolled in the Studio Makeup Artist training. While there, I designed an animatronic mask that was selected to be displayed at the Makeup Artist Convention in California.

I came back home to Florida in 2000 and began work on a movie being filmed in Palm Beach County for the Palm Beach Film Festival. My dream of seeing my name on the big screen became a reality. I was added as Makeup Artist on the film’s credits.


My training, ability, and experience lead to employment at Universal Studios Orlando as a Special Effects Makeup Artist. After several years as one of the only female Special Effects Makeup Artist on-staff I returned back to painting.


Now as an independent artist, I specialize in acrylic and pastel paintings. I create works of art featuring animal Wildlife and Pet Portraits. I would be honored to work with you on a project. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and view my paintings.


Cynthia's passion and talent have been recognized many times over. Among her recent awards:

2018 - APBC 1st Place Award Winner for the “Portrait Exhibit 2018” Art on Park Gallery 

2018 - APBC “Still Life 2018 Exhibit”  Art on Park Gallery 

2019 - APBC “Members 2019 Exhibition”   Art on Park Gallery

2019 - APBC “The Artist Mind Art Exhibition”  Art on Park Gallery 

2019 - APBC “The Natural World Exhibition”  Art on Park Gallery 

2019 - APBC “Latest Work Exhibition”  Art on Park Gallery 

2019 - Worldwide Exhibition for Endangered Species at Art4Apes Fine Arts and                                  Photography Competition                                     

 2020 - Exhibition at Lake Park Elementary School Media Center

 2020 - Exhibiting work at ArtWorks Framing and Printing Gallery Show


Today, Cynthia's work is split between both pet portraits and wildlife art. Her pet portraits are created on a commission basis for clients and her Wildlife and Still Life are done for sale but can also be by commission

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