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"Each animal I paint is in a style that gives them a “voice” that otherwise can’t be heard. Achieving the “voice” is what adds another dimension to their presence on the canvas". 


Prices include a nonrefundable materials fee of $50. Finished painting is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Pricing vary depending on the complexity of the designs. Similar to the process of the Pet Portrait painting, I work closely with my client and together we will decide on the best animal to paint along with its surroundings. Together we will design a composition of the Wildlife animal of your choosing. Any design is possible from a close up of the animal to an animal in their natural environment.  SEE PRICING PAGE for your choice of size and medium. I can paint any size and I use acrylics or pastels as my medium.


Once I commence work on your painting I will keep in touch with you via regular emails where you will be able to see your painting's progress throughout its stages. This will give you the opportunity to make comments along the way and see how your painting is coming together.  If you are not 100% satisfied you will get a refund of everything except the fee for materials. The painting is not complete until you approve a final proof.t

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